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List of gigs 48K had played from 2001 to 2003

    DRAKES DUNGEON BAR (Aberdeen) with Silver Stone 8Th February 2001

    DRAKES DUNGEON BAR (Aberdeen) 30Th May 2001

    THE FORUM (Aberdeen) with Sulpher and Narcissus pool was on the 7th July 2001

    FIFE ARMS HOTEL (Braemar) with Gary DJ was on the 24th November 2001

    LAVA (Aberdeen) with Sputnik's Down and Sinister waltz was on the 7th December 2001

    DRAKES DUNGEON BAR (Aberdeen) the AUBL festive funnery with various band's was on the 29th December 2001

    THE DUNGEON, ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY'S STUDENT UNION (Aberdeen) with The Needles on the 31st January 2002

    THE PEPPERMINT LOUNGE (Edinburgh) with squander pilots and moph on the 24th February 2002

    DR DRAKES (Aberdeen) with Boomhauer, Mr. Onz and Floored on the 15th May 2002

    YATES'S WINE LODGE (Aberdeen) Battle of the Bands June 2002

    LAVA (Aberdeen) with Populous, Bench, Lifeshade and Elizium DJ's on the 2nd July 2002

    CAFE DRUMMONDS (Aberdeen) with Lifeshade 19th August 2002

    NORTHSOUND RADIO Live acoustic set on Del Franklin's show 29TH August 2002

    THE LEMON TREE (Aberdeen) Fudge night with the Czars and Stuka 2nd October 2002

    LAVA (Aberdeen) with Bench and Lifeshade was on 22nd November 2002

    THE LEMON TREE (Aberdeen) 192 BIG BREAK 20th January 2003 with Gregor on drums

    DR DRAKES (Aberdeen) with Floored was on the 15th February 2003 with Gregor on drums