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48K are a rock/industrial/dance/whatever band from Aberdeen Scotland

The band consists of three members who are

    Bano on Vocals and Guitar

    Veyden on Guitar

    Judder/Goat on Bass

Formed in the mid 1999 and starting off with the name Chrome. Not able to get someone to play drums with them, they decided to experiment with using some Electronic Drums (ED). Incorporating with rock music and the less traditional artificial beats decided upon using the name 48K.

After writing a handful of songs they then decided to record by using an 8 track recording program, this eventually went on to them recording there first album 'IT's TIME TO WAKE UP'. After finishing the album, veyden designed a cover and then they produced there self released album into a few local music shops in Aberdeen. With a release gig in the shop 'ONE UP with also releasing copy's in FOPP and RETRO BLUE along with a copy within Aberdeen central library to mark the achievement.

After the album release, 48K had a few guest drummers and played a few times live with them, and due to commitments they did not work out. 48K was cut short for a period of time due to a bad accident to veyden that had rendered him unable to play for a long time. With that behind them 48K are currently recording again and will produce another self released album in due course.

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