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This review was from the Aberdeen Ultimate Band List

Time to Wake Up

    Recording, Producing, Distributing and all the other things that go along with making an album or any kind of recording are difficult and require a lot of work - often by a number of different people. For this reason 48k's 'Time to wake up' 10 track CD is simply marvelous. Why? Because they did it themselves!
    - and the quality of this release is waaay above average!
    Now firstly i must apologise as i should've done this review a long time ago
    and secondly i must confess that until i gave this a proper listening to i didnt really appreciate quite how superb it is
    So here we go
    10 Tracks (55mins)
    My favourite bits of 'Time to Wake Up' are definitely Track 1 'Rebirth', Track 2 (and probably the best track on the album) 'Would Alcohol Lie' - and would it? Dirty Girl (Track 3) is an obvious favourite but please dont play it too loud if your parents are home cos they might get a wee bit suspicious - it's a must if your ex-girlfriends around tho!
    (Dirty Girl is of course available in the AUBL's Audio Section). I think the crazed drums and the kick ass bass-line make this song a real stand out track and somewhat of a live treat perhaps.
    The other stand out track for me was probably 'Tin Can Man' (Track 9). This one has some keyboards in it which really give it something extra special.
    Track 4 'Hunny' - This, like most of the CD, is rather mellow but some good rockin' beats help it along nicely and the effects-driven/synth-like guitar sounds fit seamlessly into the background.
    Track 5 'Reckless' - This is a very reflective tune. Something that you might play while you ponder/contemplate etc. etc.
    The wailing guitar and very subdued bass tones are very nicely put together and then the drums kickin to give it some much needed whoomph making the track much better.
    Track 6 'Street Car Named Desire' - A very bass driven song with some very Arena rock style guitar work and some samples thrown in that give this one a very film-soundtrack kind of sound. Unfortunately this one doesnt really kick off in the way that i think it should. Although i'm not sure what else it needs.... mmmm...... (?)
    Track 7 'Glamour Girl' - A short whirring and quite eerie intro changes into a very soft verse that carries on the very slow, dreamy nature of this album. Thankfully it kicks off into a pretty rockin' tune. So that's all good!
    Track 8 'Strongly Recommended' - Some more U2 style echoey vocals but some kind of tribal/heartbeat drums give this track some worth listening to.
    Track 10 'There she blows' - Also available from the AUBL Audio section 'There She Blows' is the kind of track that makes you think about the sun rising over the hills in the morning. It's got a great atmosphere about it and with the addition of some quite jazzy beats it's an excellent conclusion to a fairly flawless collection of songs.
    It's difficult to criticise something that's been so well put together but i do think that it would make for some much more interesting listening if there were some more tracks thrown in there that had the same bouncyness of 'Dirty Girl' and more of the rockin' edge of 'Glamour Girl'. 48k are thinking about replacing there drum machine with a real drummer and i reckon that it might be the case that such a change might give them that extra edge that they need.
    They do have quite a unique sound because of the dancy beats that are used - and maybe they could continue to use these.... but, U2 comparisons aside, 48k have produced 10 songs that should be given a lot of respect.
    The AUBL wil recommend that for those who havent heard it to get themselves a copy!
    - and try and catch them live if you can

AUBL Rating - 4/5